DR. DWAYNE K. PICKETT, SR. is senior pastor of the thriving 6,000-member New Jerusalem Church in Jackson, Mississippi. Under Pastor Pickett’s leadership, New Jerusalem has grown from under two hundred members in 1995 to more than six thousand. As one church in three locations, New Jerusalem conducts four worship services every Sunday morning, that are led at staggered times by Pastor Pickett and the NJC worship team and choir. NJC is unique in Jackson for its unusually high percentage of men and young people among its membership.

Pastor Pickett, an educator by training, founded New Jerusalem Christian School, which serves 6-week-olds to 7th graders in two locations in Jackson. The church has secured adjacent land for future building projects, all with the goal of ministering to the needs of the whole man in order to develop devoted disciples of Christ. New Jerusalem has a variety of community ministries as well as long-term ministry relationships in key regions of Africa and other parts of the world, where Pastor Pickett has been instrumental in developing church leaders.

A native of the small town of Itta Bena in the Mississippi Delta, Dwayne graduated from Terry High School in Terry, MS. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Southern Mississippi in May 1994; a Master of Education in Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi in May 1995; a Master of Arts in Christian Education from Reformed Theological Seminary (Jackson, MS) in 2000; and a Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Education from New Orleans Baptist Seminary in May of 2011. His wife, Dr. Tracy Evans of Laurel, MS, earned a B.S. in computational science and physics before completing an M.S. in physics, a Ph.D. in physics education, and a M.A. in Biblical Studies. She serves as Director of Christian Education and is a former, assistant professor of physics at Jackson State University. The Picketts have five sons—Julian (Elyane), Kendedrick, Malcolm(Nikeya), Dwayne, Jr., and Keishun – and three beautiful grandchildren and counting. In addition to preaching on Sundays at New Jerusalem, Pastor Pickett has been a guest preacher nationally and internationally. Past service includes his roles Executive Director of the General Missionary Baptist State Convention Youth Department and Director of Christian Education for the Southern Regional Youth Conference. Presently, Pastor Pickett serves the Overseer of Church leadership in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship. He has hosted monthly weekend men’s retreats where he taught a Bible study along with Dr. John Perkins that was designed to develop and encourage vital African American male evangelical leaders in Mississippi. Pastor Pickett has also been commissioned by the Christian Men’s Network to train men worldwide. Recently, Pastor Pickett received a church consulting certification from Church Consulting University.

Pastor Pickett’s civic service includes successfully chairing the steering committee for a Hinds County Bond Issue of $21.5 million; enlistment in the Army National Guard,including a tour of duty in Desert Storm/Desert Shield (Sept. 1990 to Dec. 1991); and serving as assistant principal at Brinkley Middle School in Jackson. He believes that an effective kingdom church is active in its local community through education, through ministry outside the church’s “four walls,” through breaking the curse of poverty and its social damage, and through offering experiential immersion in God’s demonstrated operations of the Spirit in His church. Pastor Pickett loves God and His people and lives his life to serve others.

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