Baby Dedication

Baby Dedications are held on 2nd Sunday of each month at all services. We do not allow more than two families per service in pulpit, unless permission is given from our Pastor. Registration is required for baby dedications. You may schedule your child for upcoming baby dedications at click here or contact us at 601-206-5844.

Please note: Baby dedications can be scheduled up to four months in advance if space is available. You should arrive at the church 15 minutes before service time. Report to the Church Office to check in and pickup your baby dedication certificate. You do not have to be a member of New Jerusalem Church to have your baby dedicated. A parent’s marital status has no bearing on the baby being dedicated to the Lord.

Baby dedications are a joyous occasion. If you are a new Christian, we are delighted to be a part of this important step in your newly found walk with Jesus. Our intent is to come alongside of you and help ensure that the baby dedication is an easy going process. We pray that your child’s dedication is significant and rewarding to you and your family. Participants can take pictures or video during the baby dedication service.

For your family’s archive and viewing pleasure, a complimentary copy of the baby dedication video DVD is mailed to the individual who registered the child within seven days after the baby dedication.

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