Jesus was baptized
~Matthew 3:13; Mark 1:9; Luke 3:23.

Although He knew no sin, Jesus demonstrated to us that baptism is an outward expression of the spiritual change that takes place when a person receives the free gift of salvation. The Bible tells us we don’t get baptized to get saved; rather we are baptized because of our relationship with the One who died for us to have eternal life. It is therefore extremely important that baptism occur after a person has made a conscious decision to repent of their sins and profess their faith in Jesus Christ.

Baptism is held on the 4th Sunday of each month at all services. In the event we are celebrating a special occasion on the 4th Sunday of any month, baptism will be held on 3rd Sunday. Candidates should arrive at least 1 hour prior to their scheduled time. For more information, contact (601) 206-5844 and speak with the membership coordinator.