Dear Church Family,

We believe that God is calling New Jerusalem Church to further expand the kingdom of God locally, nationally, and internationally like never before. We must build bridges that rest on the solid foundation of our history and extend onto His promise of our future, cast in the vision He has given us.

We are entering a significant period in the life of New Jerusalem. We believe that we have experienced nothing but God-sized move in recent years with the purchase of property and the expansion of the ministry. So, we believe that reducing debt or building equity is essential in what God has purposed for us to do. Reducing debt will allow us to increase our service in the areas of evangelism, education, and economics. Specifically, the construction of a community center in Midtown, the modernization and upgrades of all campuses, and the construction of a worship center at the South location will help us facilitate our efforts to minister to the needs of the whole man. The Midtown community center will foster our evangelism ministry. The modernization and upgrades of all campuses along with the new worship center at the South location will enable us to adequately minister in educating God's people and in empowering God's people economically.

Like before, the challenges before us are great. Each person who calls New Jerusalem his/her church home will be asked to prayerfully consider his/her role and join in a journey of faith. Because of the magnitude of the challenges, each person will be asked to pray about a three year sacrificial commitment over and above regular tithes and offerings. Together we build to advance God's kingdom. We can make a difference by glorifying God through our love for Him and our love for others.

Yours In Christ
Dwayne K. Pickett/Pastor


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