Power of 12

Power of 12

With our congregation rapidly growing, the need was recognized for each individual member to
continue to receive the personal touch that our smaller congregation had become accustomed
to receiving. As a result of this desire and vision, Pastor Pickett introduced to the leaders of the
congregation a phenomenal idea that was birthed through Dr. I.V. Hilliard’s book, The Power of
12, which involved providing immediate contact and fellowship with our membership, facilitating
membership care, and initiating lay members to increased levels of discipleship. Throughout
the Bible, the number ‘12’ has great spiritual significance. There were twelve sons of Jacob
which begat the tribes of Israel, before the cross. There were 12 apostles who walked with
Christ in his earthly preparation for the cross. And in Revelation 21:12 (NIV), the Bride of
Christ, the Holy City, the New Jerusalem,“…had a great, high wall with twelve gates, and with
twelve angels at the gates. On the gates were written the names of the twelve tribes of Israel.”
For this reason, our system of membership care is designed to be centered around twelve
people units.

In making the implementation unique for New Jerusalem, Pastor Pickett embraced the concept
of family-led ministry and selected married couples to lead the small membership groups. The
Power of 12 groups would be representatives of the 12 Tribes of Israel in which each group
would be given one of the tribes’ names. These representatives have come to be known as the
“tribal leaders”. In the course of the journey, the Pastor has lead numerous training sessions
for leaders and various ideas for implementation have been tried and tested. As leaders, we
have learned that unity, responsibility, ministry and life-based testimony are essential for
effectively caring for others. As part of the implementation progress, the tribal leaders selected
twelve people units in which to begin their membership groups. These people units consist of
married couple units, single-head of family units, and singles. To facilitate growth, the tribal groups
are now beginning to incorporate Life to Life groups to help engage members both in Christian
community, in discipleship, and membership care. Each tribe is to be actively involved in the
ministries of NJC as well as actively address the various needs and concerns of its tribal
members. Also, benevolence requests of members are facilitated through the Power of 12
Tribal Leaders.

The Tribes and Tribal Leaders of the Power of 12 are:

  • Asher: George & Tamuriel Brice
  • Benjamin: Ira & Linda Williams
  • Dan: Clyde & Brenda Speaks
  • Gad: Tom & Jessica Murphy
  • Issachar: Robert & Effie Lyles
  • Joseph-Ephraim: Jeffery & Teresa Demeritte
  • Joseph-Manasseh: James & Toyia Haynes
  • Judah: Ed & Rosetta Harris
  • Levi: Pastoral Tribe
  • Naphtali: Cle & Demeatrice Sanders
  • Reuben: Sam & Yalanda Barner
  • Simeon: Harold & Gwen Cannon
  • Zebulun: Marlon & Melba Palmer

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