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Loving God & Loving Others, as We Love Ourselves.


Believing in God’s Word and Spirit

It has been a little more than 18 years since God sent Dwayne K. Pickett, Sr. to serve as New Jerusalem’s 9th pastor. Many feats have been accomplished in his many years, but the foundation of present day New Jerusalem began being laid almost 83 years ago. It’s a storied past filled with struggles, defeats, accomplishments and growth that started in 1923 when a man of God and 12 believers shared a vision of a church that would initiate change. The Church lacked the plush pews, balcony, and air-conditioned facilities that we worship in now. Instead, Joe Davis and his congregation gathered in God’s natural elements with the sky serving as the roof and the ground as the pews. Several years later A.D. Davis, NJ’s second pastor, moved the flock from Manship Street to Elm Street (currently known as Whitfield Street). In 1928 F.W. Coleman was appointed pastor. He was the successor of Rev. J.H. Taylor, who served as pastor for 90 days. Serving as pastor for 12 years, Coleman and NJ purchased its first benches and ordained seven deacons. They were: Charlie Crawley, G.W. Day, Floyd Hart, John Hart, Roosevelt Hunter, Walter Walker and Mitchell Webster. Over the course of several decades, God would send pastors who would be instrumental in laying the ground work for a New Jerusalem that minister to the needs of the whole man. S.S. Brown, the Church’s fourth pastor, lead New Jerusalem to new heights. Under his guidance, the old church was demolished and a new facility was built in 1947. W.T. Smith became pastor in 1951. The Church’s first and second mortgages were burned in 1952 and 1967, respectively. From 1965 to 1969 the Church continued to evolve.
A water cooler, P.A. system, central air and heating system were added. The Church continued making major renovations to its 226 Whitfield location. More property was purchased and a pastor’s study was added. New Jerusalem also became a meeting place for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Medgar Evers, civil rights activist and Field Secretary for the NAACP was leaving a meeting at NJ the night he was assassinated. After years of service, declining health forced Smith to resign. Rev. R.W. Crawford, a long time friend of the Church served as interim pastor, until Hubie J. Nelson was elected pastor. It was Pastor Nelson who adopted the Church’s motto “A Church Were Love is practiced”. On May 14, 1984, Nelson resigned and William A. Lofton became the Church’s eighth pastor. The Church flourished under his leadership. It moved from part-time to full-time services and the membership rolls grew in number and spirit. The remodeling to the Church’s annex was completed. Adding a pastor’s office, bathrooms and additional property was bought for parking. In December of 1995 Rev. Lofton resigned. March 14, 1996 Dwayne Pickett accepted the calling as NJ’s 9th pastor. Pickett believes whole heartily that New Jerusalem is to be the “beacon of light” not only for the Jackson communities, but the entire world. A spirit of ministering, evangelizing and service begin to grow throughout the Church and 18 years later the Church is quickly approach a membership over 7000 with three (3) locations. New Jerusalem Church has always been a beacon of light in the City of Jackson. From its humble and strong beginning on Manship Street, to its present day role as an educational – Kingdom driven church, NJC is a church that is truly walking in Kingdom Authority.